Ace of Diamond - فصل 1

Returning Series 75 قسمت ها
عکس دانلود فیلم راز جنایت با دوبله فارسی Murder Mystery 2019 ( سانسور شده )
With a stray pitch that completely missed the batter, Eijun Sawamura loses his final middle school baseball game. Frustrated by this defeat, Eijun and his teammates vow to reach the national tournament once they are in high school. But everything changes when a scout unexpectedly invites him to Tokyo's prestigious Seidou High School after seeing the potential in his unusual pitching style. Encouraged by his teammates, Eijun accepts the offer, ready to improve his skills and play at a much more competitive level of baseball.However, now surrounded by a large number of skilled players, Eijun struggles to find his place on the team. He declares that he will one day become the team's ace, but that's only if fellow first year Satoru Furuya doesn't take the title first, with his breakneck fastballs that earn him a coveted spot on the starting roster. With the addition of these talented new players to an already powerful lineup, the Seidou baseball team aims to become the best in Japan, facing off against a number of formidable foes that stand in their way.
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Ace of Diamond - فصل 1 - 75 قسمت
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12عکس دانلود فیلم راز جنایت با دوبله فارسی Murder Mystery 2019 ( سانسور شده )Target2013
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14عکس Training Camp Begins!2014
15عکس Lead with Your Plays!2014
16عکس Challenge2014
17عکس Games Are Fun2014
18عکس I Hate It, But...2014
19عکس Fate2014
20عکس Emergency2014
21عکس To the Dream Stage2014
22عکس Calling for Attention2014
23عکس Official Game Debut2014
24عکس Precision Machine2014
25عکس Anti-Furuya Strategy2014
26عکس Miracle Akikawa2014
27عکس I'm Not Running2014
28عکس Path, Eijun Sawamura to the Scorching Mound2014
29عکس photo_2019-08-10_21-13-51Neck and Neck2014
30عکس 1893_P_1528873228831Winner and Loser2014
31عکس MV5BYmY1ZWJjZjItNzhiYy00YTI0LTk3OGUtYmM4MDk5YThjYzBmXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNTM3MzQ3NzE@._V1_UY1200_CR117,0,630,1200_AL_Dark Horse2014
32عکس Summers2014
33عکس Money Tree2014
34عکس Reliable Teammates2014
35عکس Potential2014
36عکس The Ace Takes the Mound2014
37عکس Burst!2014
38عکس Roles2014
39عکس Expectations of an Ace2014
40عکس The Winning Shot2014
41عکس It's the Semifinal2014
42عکس The Giant Looks Down2014
43عکس Revenge2014
44عکس Best Pitch2014
45عکس Fantasy2014
46عکس Pitching of Despair2014
47عکس That Summer2014
48عکس At the Dorm2014
49عکس A Nostalgic Face2014
50عکس Footsteps to Tomorrow2014
51عکس The Battle Begins!2014
52عکس I Don't Want to Lose2014
53عکس Change Gears2014
54عکس Entrusted Faith and the Courage to Perform2014
55عکس Strong Men2014
56عکس Decision2014
57عکس Reliable Underclassmen2014
58عکس The Three-Hole2014
59عکس Fearless2014
60عکس Lonely Sun2014
61عکس Determined2014
62عکس Victory or Defeat2014
63عکس Lingering Feelings2014
64عکس Restart2015
65عکس In The Sun2015
66عکس Outsider2015
67عکس The Kick2015
68عکس The Ace Title2015
69عکس Can't Lose2015
70عکس Next Stage2015
71عکس September Sky2015
72عکس The Final Lesson2015
73عکس Inheritance2015
74عکس Guiding Light2015
75عکس In Pursuit2015
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